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Memphis Minnie's

576 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 864-PORK


Monday - Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 10am-9pm

The menu at Minnie's is quite extensive, offering a variety of mouth-watering slow-smoked meats. The stars of the menu are Bob's Texas beef brisket and Carolina pulled pork. Bob smokes his briskets for a full 18 hours to impart a rich smoke flavor. You can order it straight up with your choice of sides, or as a sandwich on a crusty roll.

Same goes for Bob's pork butt, which he smokes for roughly 16 hours and serves naked with sides, or on a sandwich topped with tangy slaw. Meat choices also include pork ribs, chicken, turkey, and beef ribs.

Bob smokes his meat on a JR Manufacturing smoker. No gas allowed, all meats are cooked entirely over white oak. Bob doesn't play around much with other types of wood. He prefers the flavor of oak, and sticks with it.
Sauce on the side
For Bob, it's all about the flavor of the meat. So he insists on serving everything with sauce on the side. His philosophy is this, "Just because something is slathered in barbecue sauce, that doesn't mean it's barbecue." Bob believes the customer should taste the smoked flavor of the meat first and foremost. So Bob offers 3 varieties of home-made sauces served on the side. -courtesy of Henry Joe Peterson, Director, cbbqa

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