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Shoe Biz I, II, & III

1446 Haight Street
1553 Haight Street
1420 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 864-0990
(415) 861-3933



The Shoe Biz stores are located on world-renowned Haight Street. The company first opened its doors for business in 1979, selling hard-to-find and alternative styles. At the time Haight Street was not the shopping destination it is today. Conservatively, it was considered a very dangerous area. Today, Haight is one of the most highly trafficked streets in the world, and we at Shoe Biz are proud to have three stores offering unique footwear.

The success of the first store--and the lack of display space for all the shoe styles we carry--led to the opening of a second store, also on Haight Street. Shoe Biz II (known as Dino Store, named after our dinosaur mascot in front) opened for business in early 1990. But our expansion didn't stop there. Super Shoe Biz is our newest and largest store, just five doors away from Shoe Biz I.

Shoe Biz I carries inexpensive, trendy styles for streetwear and clubwear. Shoe Biz II carries more casual styles including street sneakers, athletic sneakers, and skate shoes. And Super Shoe Biz offers dressier, higher end styles.

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