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About the Haight Street Shopping District

Haight Ashbury was the epicenter of the hippy culture and it could be said, still is. Locals in that time included the Grateful Dead at 710 Ashbury, Janis Joplin at 122 Lyon Street and Jefferson Airplane at 2400 Fulton.

You can still experience the flavor of that era at many of the shops on haight. Mixed in between those shops of the '60s up and down Haight, high-end vintage clothing stores and a number or exclusive boutiques and many hip restaurants have sprung up all with their own flavor and color.

Featured in the Haight Street Shopping District
Verd's Funk
Moms Body Shop
Shoe Biz
Memphis Minnies
Verd's Funk is a wonderful mix of trendy fashions, local artists and great jewelry designers. A shop with total coolness and fun. Even the way everything is uniquely displayed is enjoyable.
Mom's Body Shop, located in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury, is a professional, sterile, and comfortable environment for body adornment. Hard to imagine a better place to go get a tattoo!
Shoe Biz I - inexpensive, trendy styles - streetwear, clubwear. Shoe Biz II - more casual styles - street & athletic sneakers, skate shoes. Shoe Biz III has dressier, higher end styles.

The menu at Minnie's is quite extensive, offering a variety of mouth-watering slow-smoked meats. The stars of the menu are Bob's Texas beef brisket and Carolina pulled pork. Find out more..
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Beauty & Health

Mom's Body Shop

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Piedmont Boutique
Verd's Funk

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Blue Front Cafe
Crescent City Cafe

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New Lite Market




Express Photo & Mail


Magnolia Pub & Brewery
Squat & Gobble
Sweet Heat


Express Photo & Mail
Lucky Cleaners


Shoe Biz I
Shoe Biz II
Shoe Biz III


Discount Fabrics
Dreams of Kathmandu
Mom's Body Shop
Pipe Dreams
Positively Haight Street

Sports, Fitness

Skates on Haight


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